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ThunderPhat Stream intro

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Who are you? - ThunderPhat, CeltS_ThunderPhat, TP

Time table? - schedule always on Twitter  ( www.twitter.com/thunderphat ) - varies week to week. 

What Games do you Stream? - CSGO and PUBG will be my main games with some Battlefields thrown in and maybe some other stuff like Arma, DayZ, insurgency etc. 

Where are you from? - UK

What language do you Stream in? - English. 

Link to Channels - Www.twitch.tv/thunderphat 

Twitter - www.twitter.com/thunderphat

Any other info - I stream for fun but I play the objective and like to win. I'll happily play with anyone as long as my own and CeltS rules are followed on discord. 

I'll also be doing CSGO giveaways at certain follower points, thanks to the CeltS Community for the skin donations - it's greatly appreciated.

I'm new to CeltS but I'm a proud member of this amazing clan and community. 

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Im going to use this to link my giveaways to if that is OK admins?


Giveaway Rules (!giveaway in chat)

At 75 Followers i'll be giving away a 3 CSGO skins after a random competitive match!

For the giveaway you must:

-Be following my channel http://www.twitch.tv/thunderphat 

-Be following CeltS_TV at www.twitch.tv/celts_tv  

-Active in the chat - There may be a keyword given out during a game!

-Skins sent to confirmed Twitch followers with a confirmed Steam account with at least 40 hours in one game  

-Skins not sent to accounts with VAC bans as CeltS are an anti-cheat community

-Giveaways will be sent 48 hours after winning (this can vary) to make sure all the above is correct.


Giveaway 1


Won By CeltS_Kavo

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