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  2. yes the GC are to dear at the mo, i have a 1080ti and it was a lot of money like $1000, i was broke for a good while after i build my PC, the prices on the older cards should go down with these new cards out, yes there will be some bugs alright like always that is for sure. i hope we are not disappointed in it.
  3. yes i still have not pre-ordered it yet but i no i will be getting it, lets see what the Beat is like
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  6. Players can build a unique Company of soldiers and vehicles for each of the multiplayer factions. A new Battlefield 5 trailer dives into the intricacies of The Company, the collection of soldiers, weapons, and vehicles that you'll accumulate and customize as you play. Individual Companies can be assembled for each multiplayer faction, beginning with the British and Germans, each with its own unique soldiers and vehicles. As usual, four classes of soldiers will be available—Recon, Support, Assault, and Medic—and each can be further customized with Combat Roles, a system previously known as Archetypes. Each class will have two Combat Roles available to choose from at launch, with more coming in post-release Tides of War updates. Combat Roles can be swapped in and out on the fly: EA gave as an example an Assault class soldier switching to a vehicle-focused Combat Role in order to deal with a sudden onrush of enemy tanks in the midst of a battle. "In Battlefield 5, we want Combat Roles to communicate a clear play style for players. Each Combat Role will be equipped with weapons, gear, and traits to make them the best for a particular play style or situation. Combat Roles can be exotic or specialized with less flexibility but breaking out from some of the restrictive rule sets we’ve had in previous titles. Simply, it gives new players a much clearer direction with new ways to play," development director Ryan McArthur explained. "The new system is also beneficial for seasoned players. Veterans have more specialized roles to create focused squads and will get to experiment with squad composition to find new, creative ways to attack a certain map or mode. As a pro, experiment and refine, and adjust to how you want to play today, what you’re best at, or what traits fit your playstyle and squad." Equipment loadouts will enable further fine-tuning. Each soldier will begin with a standard class-based loadout, which will grow through unlocks or purchases using in-game currency. (Details on the Battlefield 5 economy will be revealed in a later update.) Using weapons in battle will unlock additional customization options, including receivers, stocks, barrels, and more. Vehicles will work in a similar fashion: Each Company starts with one tank and one aircraft, more can be earned or purchased, and play will unlock upgrades and customization options. Battlefield 5 comes out on October 11 for Origin Access subscribers, and October 19 for the rest of us. An open beta will kick off on September 6.
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    #FridayNightBattlefield is back, Join CeltS for a game of Battlefield every Friday Time - 8 pm UK time Games - Battlefield Hardline, Battlefield 1, Battlefield 4, and soon to be Battlefield 5. On the night we can chooses what game to play for the Following week. All are welcome to join us for a game & a Beer or any (alcohol) & later on some Music if you like in the Music Channel. Join us on Discord in channel https://discord.gg/pfJzNnC Happy Gaming CeltS
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  9. Hey IrishAceKavo, Thank you so much for the donation of 30.00 GBP, you make this clan stronger and we will live Longer! So much respect! TKG
  10. We have just found some ass holes are use in our name and web address on there server. This Server is NOT ours or do we have anything to do with it http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/servers/show/PC/cf73c09d-4e05-4e02-a618-d48579fba9b0/CeltS-CQL-Only-VoteMap-www-celtsclan-com/ We do not take any responsibly on what goes on on this Server. i will add that gportal is the Provider of the server if you have been banned from this server this is the owner https://www.g-portal.com/customer_management/Customers/profileExtern/1097788 We have nutting to do with it. CeltS
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    hello and welcome to the forums man Kavo
  12. Hey IrishAceKavo, Thank you so much for the donation of 30.00 GBP, you make this clan stronger and we will live Longer! So much respect! TKG
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    CeltS Members Guidelines

    These are the Guidelines for Members of the Cmty All members are equal , No other member or group of members have the right to dictate to a other Member, Unless they are braking the Rules or Guidelines. All members must have never been banned for hacking with ANY game Ever . We are 100% Anti cheat Cmty. All members must agree to follow the rules & Guidelines of the Cmty, NO EXCEPTIONS for any reason. All members must try be Active around the Cmty, Why would you want to be a member if you are not actively going to play or chat with us! Members will be Removed if they are Inactive for 3 months or more, they can always reapply again. All members have the Right to there say on who joins the Cmty, App will be put to a Vote for members to Decide Remember this is your cmty you need to make sure that the people that join will be right for the cmty and fit in to what we are about. All members have the Right to become a Server Admin, Staff & Full Admins have the Final Decision if a Admin is Needed or if they think they can fit the job in hand or not. All members should actively play and chat together as a Cmty, We do NOT want members grouping together as Clicks and leaving others out or making people feeling uncomfortable or left out of things, this is Not what we are about and we do Not want it in the Cmty. Members or Groups that do this will be asked to stop or Leave the Cmty. All members must show Respect to one a other and to everyone around the Cmty. All members should help out and get involved in cmty when they can. All members are ASKED to use the Cmty Tags on there Profiles, This is not mandatory but it helps the Cmty out - All server Admins must have the Ctmy Tags when playing and Admin in our Servers, NO EXCEPTIONS. All members have the right to put foreword new Rules or amend exciting rules for the Better of the Cmty, The final Decision will come down to Staff to see if the Rules Fit what the cmty is about or if they will work for the Better for the Cmty, Remember Staff have been doing this a long time and have the Experience in what works and what will not work. Rules are in place to make the Cmty run smooth and make the Cmty more enjoyable to hang out and play games, This is not a Dictatorship but rules have to be in place and followed. All or any members that Act up and have there own agendas and start trouble or try split the Cmty will be BANNED NO EXCEPTIONS it will not be personal but it will happen, We have to think of the cmty first, if you do not like or want to follow the Rules and Guidelines then leave the Cmty and do not try and turn others for your interests , We do not need or want your shit here. We are NOT About people that have self interests or People that think they no it all and try Dictate to us on how you run the Cmty. All members are fully responsible for there gaming accounts, It does not matter who you let use them, Letting others use your accounts is not advisable. All members have to follow the Discord Rules. All members that work hard and support the cmty can work up the ranks Server Admins A server admin job is to help out on the servers and to make the servers more enjoyably to play on for them self's and others. [Look for hackers, Keep chat clean, Move peeps] etc A server admin is a big responsibility and they represents the cmty A server admin can only admin for one game at a time in this cmty, We do not want to over work our Admins. A server admin only has to admin when they are playing on our servers and will not be asked to do so other wise, Unless they Request to help out more. A server admin can mute, kill, kick, & tban only on our servers. They need to request a Prem Ban and have a second opinion from head admin or Staff , A report must be put in at all times for Tbans & when Prem bans requests are approved . A server admin must idle in Discord ╚-●Admin-idle channel at all times when Admin in on our servers if they are not in the normal channels. A server admin is ask to recruit people to join the cmty or to get them onto the Discord, Forums, Etc By Invite or by sending the Messages & links. Head Admin A head admin job is to help run Servers and to help out the server admins A head admin job will be for one server/Game at a time, that server will be there responsibility alone, With the help of Staff if needed. A head admin will have Recon access to the server A head admin will check out players for hacking, Chat, previous bans, stats, Etc A head admin is also asked to recruit people to join the cmty or to get them onto the Discord, Forums, Etc By Invite or by sending the Messages & links. A head admin helps server admins in what ever way they can, Reports, Checking peeps, add removing roles, getting GUIDs, Etc A head admin will help Staff Decide on server admin apps, If needed or Suitable for the role. A head admin can do Prem bans from our servers, A report must be put in at all times. These do not cover all the Guidelines and these can change at anytime please check regularly All members should show that they are mature and act in a proper way at all times, You are representing the Cmty for all to see. All members are asked to support us in the running costs of the servers and not leave it up to a small few 'If you can' This is Not mandatory but it would be much Appreciated The staff are in charger of the running of the cmty let them do there job. Server Admin Guidelines Here Admin Requirements Here Admin Rules here Discord Rules here Thanks CeltS
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