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  1. Dagnambelit

    Welcome wvGTI

    Hi there, and welcome to our Mad-House
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    Welcome KillerWhalSam

    Hi and welcome to our Mad-House
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    Welcome Zelus-BE-

    Welcome to the Mad-House
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    Clan Night 5th of September @ 8

  5. Dagnambelit

    Planetside 2

    This made me laugh I added the quote twice!! Cheers Sy (F.A.O. Kavo: Hi mate - I got no "like" or "Edit" buttons bud - could you fix???)
  6. Dagnambelit

    Planetside 2

    Sweet We are getting the band back together...so-to-speak lol This is great....hmmm...I wonder if the CeltS will take over the world one day?!?
  7. Dagnambelit

    Planetside 2

    Hi gang, I have just downloaded the free version of Planetside 2. Anyone interested in getting together for a Planetside bout of, haha, Battlefield???? Sounds like fun getting CeltS in Space and kicking bottom Just remember that there maybe new players to the game.....erm....noobs is the correct term I think?1? ( Haha I know I am one ) For those of you who already have the game, this could be a great opportunity for you to teach/guide/Yoda the new players in what is what with the game. Replies to the post is welcome Cheers guys n girls Dag
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    Welcome `Scorpion

    Hi there and welcome
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    Welcome Trillezzz

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