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  1. ThunderPhat

    introducing myself to everyone

    Welcome to the forums
  2. ThunderPhat

    Streamer of the week - SOTW

    We will be holding a streamer of the week competition each week. The SOTW will receive extra promotion via social media and their channel pinned on discord and displayed in it's own text channel. The streamer of the week will change every Tuesday. Those that will want to apply for the next one will make applications between Tuesday morning and will close Sunday at 9pm GMT so it can be decided. To apply the below must have been done: -At least one stream in the previous week. -Have CeltS in your profile, preferably on stream (image, auto comment in chat, in title). -Active on discord -Pleasant attitude -Supportive of others -Promoting CeltS on social media (such as in bio or tweeting out etc) -Be a CeltS Community Streamer Those that wish to apply must post a link to their twitch in a new topic in the Streamer of the week application room (will be created when we are ready to go live). Then evidence that the above has been done. Once the forum post has been done, the FORUM post link must be copied into the #applications-for-sotw on discord Comments on the FORUM post and support of others in an application is fine. Streamers can apply for this as much as they want, however whoever is selected as a SOTW has a week cool down period until they can apply again. The rooms for this will be created soon. Looking at going live from the coming tuesday TP
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  4. ThunderPhat

    Hi everyone I'm RizleGames

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  6. ThunderPhat


  7. ThunderPhat

    Hello I am LordAutismo76

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  9. ThunderPhat

    Hey my Dudes, I'm JohnnyBoytastic

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    New streamer here! Hi!

    Welcome to the community
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    IPlayDead Intro!

    Welcome to the community
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    Welcome to CeltS TP
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    AmericanLIVE @ Twitch!

    Hi and welcome
  15. ThunderPhat

    Herla van Cyning introduction!

    Pineapple on pizza ftw. Nice intro