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  1. starkingsno1

    Get Your Rigs Out

    Hahaha ???
  2. starkingsno1

    Get Your Rigs Out

    Thanks man and you mean the monitor? It's a ROG swift 2560x1440 144hz gsync jesus that's a mouthful lol
  3. starkingsno1

    ***** New BF Staff Member *****

    congrats matey deserve it
  4. starkingsno1

    Get Your Rigs Out

    There was a conversation last night about gaming pc's i was intrigued to see your rigs. ill show you mine if you show me yours ;) The Rig I7 5960X @ 4.6ghz 16GB 3000MHZ dominator Platinum Geforce GTX Titan X in SLI X 2 Asus X99 Deluxe X99 2 X SSD 120GB 2 x HDD 1TB Corsair HX100i Case Air 540 Full custom Water loop ROG Swift Monitor Razer Kraken 7.1 chroma headset Razer blackwiddow Ultimate 2014 with custom paint job Razer oroborous Mouse Full 5.1 Bose surround sound With sony AMP
  5. starkingsno1

    Please welcome JPS to CeltS Forums

    welcome matey
  6. starkingsno1

    Please welcome irninja123 to CeltS Forums

    welcome bud
  7. starkingsno1

    final fantasy XIV

    do you still play i know its cross platform servers
  8. starkingsno1

    final fantasy XIV

    lol fair play i don't like it either
  9. starkingsno1

    final fantasy XIV

    mad don't you play WOW
  10. starkingsno1

    final fantasy XIV

    Do we have and players of final fantasy XIV i love this game and i would like to start up a FC depending on how many players we have.
  11. starkingsno1

    What Headset do you own?

    I have the kraken 7.1 chroma its a great headset cost isnt too bad i mean it sounds great and i guess you guys will tell me how the mic is ;) although mad i do remember seeing this a while ago when i had the same problem with my xonar https://steamcommunity.com/app/262390/discussions/1/527273452875797070/
  12. starkingsno1

    GTA V night with the clan?

    ill be there what day at the weekend i work friday saturday but free in the evenings or all day sunday
  13. starkingsno1

    my twitch stream

  14. starkingsno1

    occasionally i do live stream

    thanks kavo and i used to stream too but i stopped for ages, my followers where asking me if i can start again as they miss it.
  15. starkingsno1

    Welcome DiscoStu69

    welcome man enjoy your stay.