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    Some info

    CeltS has been running since 2005, we have always had CeltS in our name, you may notice some tags you know. Soldiers, Clan, Community, Gaming, CeltS Warriors Gaming and now after a short brake as of June 2018 we are now CeltS, Cmty Tags [CeltS] CeltS_ . CeltS is now a family run clan, so come join as part of our extended family, pop on Discord and get to know us.
    Recruitment is open, we are not looking for vast numbers but to steadily add to our clan with what fits with what we believe clan is.
    We are a EU Community with servers based in GER




    We have set up a New Discord for for Gamers to hang out & chill, talk gaming, play games and have fun.

     You are all invited to join 

    Please Read the Discord Rules before you Post

    Discord Link here


     Recruiting is now Open

    To find out more go here



    CeltS TV

    CeltS TV is a new group for Streamers to Self Promote, Network, collaborate, share with each other

    We have setup a Discord Server so the Team can work together to Support each other & Many other Streamers

    You do not need to join the team to look or give Support as long as you support back, All are welcome

    We have many channels for you to use

    This is a Open Discord, join and lets grow together

    CeltS TV Discord link




    This server is online we are having problems with gametracker




    For Re-Tweet Tag & Follow @celtsgaming

    For Re-Tweet Tag & Follow @celts_tv_

    Check out our other Twitter accounts here



          Kavo is a small steamer on Twitch who one day Dreams to be Partnered (Don't we all) 

    He has ran successful Gaming & Streaming Cmtys and has Supporting Gamers & Streamers for Over 5 years now 

    Kavo is looking to Grow as a Streamer and at the same time supporting & having fun with others


    Check out Kavo's Twitch Channel here


    Happy Gaming 







    Senshudo.TV:Bethesda to hold their first conference at E3

    Ben Bot
    By Ben Bot,

    If you’ve been following the lead up to E3 closely, you’ll have no doubt heard about Bethesda booking a slot for their very own conference at E3 this year- for the very first time. This meaning that we’re expecting something big

    It’s been four years since the last role-playing game was released by Bethesda with the release of the latest game in the immensely popular and well-loved Elder Scrolls series, ‘Skyrim’. In addition to this it’s been nearly five years since the last release of a Fallout title, ‘Fallout New Vegas’. Already confirmed by Bethesda is an announcement of a new RPG with a lot of discussion about a possible outcome being the next game in the Fallout series. Another possibility for the conference is an announcement of a sequel to Dishonoured which was published by Bethesda in 2012.

    After the invites started popping out in April, Senshudo TV has been invited to the Bethesda conference on June 14.

    View the full article @ www.senshudo.tv

    Senshudo.TV:No SEGA Booth at E3

    Ben Bot
    By Ben Bot,

    SEGA has confirmed that it will not have a booth on the show floor at this year’s E3 next month in Los Angeles. Offering one reason, that the company is currently in the process of restructuring and relocating its company office from San Francisco to southern California.

    With majority of SEGA’s bigger titles launching later in 2015/2016 particularly from Relic Entertainment, Sports Interactive and Creative Assembly. SEGA is currently concentrating on its efforts to make major announcements after its relocation is complete.

    E3 runs June 16th-18th in Los Angeles, Senshudo will be reporting from the show all week long.

    View the full article @ www.senshudo.tv

    Senshudo.TV:Microsoft to break traditional E3 showing this year

    Ben Bot
    By Ben Bot,

    Microsoft’s Phil Spencer head of Xbox, recently teased that this year’s E3 will be more about first party content than previous years. While specifics haven’t yet been announce surrounding Microsoft’s Xbox Briefing at E3 Phil Spencer did announce that the company would be breaking its traditional mold of past E3 Showings and will try something different this year.

    Spencer went on to say that Microsoft will talk not only about its Xbox One line-up but also titles for PC. This is hardly surprising with Windows 10 due to launch this summer with a renewed focus on gaming. Windows 10 will feature a new and improved built-in Xbox App, cross-platform play support for games such as Fable Legends, Game DVRs and many more that have still to be unveiled.

    Microsoft has not yet announced when it will hold its E3 press conference, however it will most likely be Monday 15th June prior to Ubisoft, Electronic Arts and Sony press conferences later in the day.

    View the full article @ www.senshudo.tv